Top 10 Recommended Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

We’ll provide you a list of some of the best motorcycle mechanic schools in the country in this post.

If you’re a fan of two-wheeled vehicles, you’ll find this article fascinating.

A motorcycle is also known as a bike, a cycle, or a motorbike.

Thousands of people are enthralled by these incredible innovations, and thousands are generated each year.

There are a variety of motorcycle repair schools that educate people who work on motorcycles.

There are a number of motorcycle mechanic schools that would be suitable for you. The best part is that most of these colleges have no strict admissions policies.

Requirements To Get into Most Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

You have a few options for pursuing your dream of becoming a motorcycle technician.

These needs vary, but these are the most important items you’ll need to get through the door.

You should check with your local regulatory authorities to see if formal training is required to repair motorcycles.

In any case, certification is preferable because it will provide you with the skills essential to repair contemporary engines.

To begin, you must have a diploma, G.E.D., or a minimum G.P.A. This means that most motorcycle mechanic schools require a minimum level of education.

Motorcycle Repair Shop

Motorbike repair shops are frequently places that motorcycle owners must visit regularly. You will need to contact a repair shop regardless of how careful you are or how rigorous your maintenance program is. This is the workshop for those who have received bike repair training. Some trainees launch their enterprises, while others work for already existing companies.

Motorcycle Repair Near Me

Find motorcycle repair shops in your area in the local business directory and talk to local members of the biker’s forum. Other motorcyclists are always willing to give ideas and maintenance standards, so this is a really rich source of information.

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Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

These are schools that have demonstrated their worth and can compete anyplace in the United States. They have the extensive curriculum required to appeal to the men of modern machines. Below are some of these schools:

1. Motorcycle Mechanic Institute, Phoenix

The famous mechanic institution, Motorcycle Mechanic Institute, Phoenix, is the top school for training motorcycle mechanics.

Students are educated using the same equipment that specialists and manufacturers use to build machines. Rapid training is available for all top brands. All parts of motorcycle maintenance are covered in detail for participants.

The motorcycle institute has 12 locations located across the United States and maintains a multi-campus system.

2. Iowa Lakes Community College

This college is well-known for its technical education, and the motorcycle mechanic program is no exception. Students are trained in all types of motorbike engines with great care. What’s more, the university has cooperation with renowned motorcycle manufacturers like Suzuki and Harley Davison, thus training at the institute counts as a certification to repair these motorcycles.

3. Alexandria Technical & Community College

Various programs at this community college prepare students to repair motorcycles, lawn and garden equipment, snowmobiles, outboards/outboards, ATVs, jet skis, and motorcycles.

The first and second years are separated into two semesters, with the first year culminating in a two-semester internship at a dealership.

A typical college day lasts six hours, with two hours of class and four hours of business.

Theory, correct processes, and security take up the majority of class time. These concepts are implemented and developed in the store.

4. Cedar Valley College

This curriculum is specifically designed to prepare students to meet entry-level requirements in the profession of motorcycle mechanics. The curriculum entails diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining international and domestic motorcycles.

This program also involves a study of the motorcycle’s fuel, ignition, and electrical systems and an overhaul and tune of the engine and chassis. The emphasis throughout the curriculum is on the most recent factory-recommended practices.

5. Motoring Technical Training Institute

The Motorcycle / Powered Equipment Technician Program at M.T.T.I. provides students with comprehensive motorcycle maintenance and repair training.

The classes at M.T.T.I. train students on working not only with motorcycles but also with a wide range of small engine systems.

6. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida

MMI Motorcycle Orlando is the business school for you if you are passionate about motorcycles and want to prepare for a career in cycling.

MMI is also just minutes away from all of Orlando’s world-famous attractions, like amusement parks, water parks, boating, and professional sports.

Above all, the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) in Orlando provides expert teachers, facilities, tools, and technology to assist you in preparing for a future in the motorcycle business.

7. River Bend Career and Technical Center

Suppose you decide to study at River Bend. In that case, you should be aware that careers in the River Bend Automotive Technology Program necessitate attention to the most recent technology and the provision of good service and repair.

Students diagnose and repair engines, brakes, steering, electrical systems, and suspensions with the help of our N.A.T.E.F. Certified automotive curriculum.

Above all, the River Bend and Northwestern Ohio University articulation agreements ensure a higher level of education and further study opportunities beyond high school.

8. Chippewa Valley Technical College

The automobile business is evolving as consumers seek vehicles with more mileage, higher safety ratings, higher performance, comfort, and style. C.V.T.C.’s one-year service program will teach you the fundamentals of vehicle repair.

You will learn how to maintain and repair autos using several ways. This curriculum will teach you all you need to know about automobile components and diagnostic equipment.

As a result, if you decide to continue your studies, you will have finished the first year of the two-year program and will be eligible to begin the second year.

You must first complete all courses in the self-service technician program before enrolling in the two-year auto technician program.

9. Canadian Valley Technology Center

The Automotive Service Technology program at CV Tech is a NATEF-accredited school that focuses on diagnosing and repairing automobiles and trucks. Including the most recent computer-controlled models. Students learn about brakes, steering and suspension, electricity, heating, and air conditioning. In addition to automatic transmission, manual transmission, transmission, engine repair, and performance

10. Georgia Piedmont Technical College

At Georgia Piedmont Technical College, an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Automotive Technology is a two-year degree typically awarded by technical colleges. A.A.S. programs typically last 18 to 24 months to complete.

A.A.S. degrees are also available in a variety of fields, opening up a variety of prospects. Some students choose to continue their education and acquire a bachelor’s degree while still in high school. In many fields, an A.A.S. degree is sufficient for a satisfying job.

What Is the Cost of Motorcycle Mechanic School?

This, like many other things, will differ based on which school you attend and your situation. Without considering scholarship opportunities, most motorcycle mechanic schools might cost anywhere between $3,000 and $25,000.

Some of the more expensive motorcycle technician courses will almost certainly include additional items such as tools, safety gear, shop uniform coveralls, and so on.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Job as a Motorcycle Mechanic?

Because everyone has a distinct learning and teaching style, the length of time it takes to become a motorcycle mechanic varies from student to student and from motorcycle mechanic school to motorcycle mechanic school.

In general, 1 to 2 years of motorcycle mechanic training must be certified to work full-time.

How Much Do Motorcycle Mechanics Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, motorcycle mechanics earned an average of $35,680 in 2017. This will differ from one area to the next and from one mechanic to the next.

Some areas naturally attract more motorcyclists, resulting in increased traffic to shops, and the more motorcycle mechanic training you have, the higher the compensation you may demand.

To summarize, if you want to be a good technician, you should attend the finest motorcycle mechanic school described in this essay.


As we all know, how far you will go in your career will be determined in part by the level of your education.

This is where these educational institutions come in. But that isn’t all; you’ll also need to take advantage of these fantastic programs offered by the motorcycle mechanic schools outlined in this article.

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