The Worst Country In Europe “Moldova” – Why ?

The worst country in Europe? Maybe not, but this one sure ranks as one of the worst countries in Europe.

Moldova is a small country located in Central Europe with a population of just over 10 million. The second largest city is simply called “Moldova’s capital”, Tiraspol.

The citizens of Moldova are called “Moldovs” and they are known for their ethnic diversity, language and dress.

While it may seem like all the different cultures and melting-points come together in this small country, there actually is much more to Moldova than that.

Read on to discover the most horrific aspects of living there and what you can do about it if you’re lucky enough to live there (or own a business).

What is the Situation in Moldova?

In many cultures, the concept of “the other” is almost a myth. In Moldova, the other is a daily reality.

Although a small country, it is home to various ethnic groups who also make up Moldova’s government.

The country also has its own language, a sub-arsenal of English, and a significant diaspora.

Food and Water Scarcity

Though most people think of Moldova as a hot desert, it is actually one of the drier regions of Europe.

So if you are lucky enough to live there, you may be able to enjoy some tolerance for the cooler months.

In general, however, things are pretty bad in this country. The main water source in this part of Europe is the East Indian Ocean which is why it is also called the “Sea of Azores”.

The country has very limited fresh water resources and the water table is very low. You will often see people use this as a “scarcity” excuse to avoid going to the toilet.

What Are The Threats to Your Personal Well-being In Moldova?

Climatic Change

The average temperature in Moldova is just 26 degrees C (71 degrees F) which is very cold for an European country.

The coldest month is September and the coldest time of the year is -6 degrees C (rest of century).

Ecosystem Destruction

The most extreme threat to personal safety in this country is if no-one is retaining the environment.

The forest and rainforests in this country are the largest sustainable ecosystems in Europe and they are being lost as a result of development.

Human Health Threat –

Many diseases are endemic or common in this part of Europe and they are also gettingstarted.

In Moldova, TB is one of the common causes of death and it is also responsible for many years of preventable death.

Healthcare Inaccessibility –

The healthcare system in this country is very inefficient and the quality of care is poor.

What Are The Different Types Of Moldovan Culture?

There are two types of Moldovan culture, each with its own disadvantages but also benefits. The first type is that of a “peoples’ republic” which is implemented as a de-centralised state with an emphasis on regional autonomy.

This is the most extreme type of Moldovan culture and it is also known as “Moldova” state.

The peoples’ republics are often led by a common leader or irrigation minister, who is often the most powerful person in the region. The peoples’ republics also feature a level of governance that is rarely seen in parliamentary republics.

The other type of Moldovan culture is that of a “state”, which is implemented as part of a centralised state with an emphasis on shared governance. The state culture in this country follows the model of the former Soviet Union.

What Are The Conditions That Make a Person There?

There are a number of factors that make a person there in Moldova, as well as in other European countries.

The most important of these is economic opportunity.

In general, the more developed a country is, the more attractive it is to live in. In Moldova, this opportunity is very low in many cases.

If you are lucky enough to live in a developed country, you will almost certainly be able to gain entry to some of the cheaper properties and enjoy a much more favorable situation than you would if you just move to a more remote part of the country.

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Why is Moldova such a bad country?

It is not just the way Moldova is managed that makes it a bad country. There are also a number of other factors that make it a bad country. The first being that the people of this country are mostly made up of an ethnicity called “Moldova” which is almost 100% Galician.

This means that the people of this country are highly bilingual and understand many other languages as well.

This demographic is also reflected in the way that the government addresses the issue of bilingualism.

Most government documents will be bilingual in Galician and English and there is much less emphasis on “other”.

How much worse can it get?

There is no way to predict what might happen in a country, but there is a way to prepare for it.

It is best to think about ways that you can mitigate the worst aspects of life in Moldova. Here are ways that you can mitigate the worst aspects of living there.

  • – Make choices that will enable you to enjoy life more. The following are some of the ways that you can make more money, gain access to better healthcare, gain access to better education, purchase more meaningful goods and services, and enjoy more autonomy.
  • – Learn a new language. This is one of the most important things that you can do to change your life. If you are not able to understand why people are speaking a different language or what they are saying, then it will affect your life and your ability to make choices.
  • – Trade with other countries. This will make you more competitive in the market and allow you to gain access to better products and services. It will also allow you to better integrate aspects of your culture that you might have trouble adapting to in a new environment.


There is much to be done and nothing to be gained by just living in a “bad” country.

If you are lucky enough to live in a developed country, then your life is likely going to be pretty comfortable. However, in many developing countries, life is very difficult, and many people end up using a form of economic as a way to cope with this.

One way that you can prepare for a life in a “bad” country is to learn a new language, acquire some skills that will make your life easier, and trade with other countries.

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