Autonomous University of Barcelona Tuition and Admission – How To Apply

Autonomous University of Barcelona Tuition and Admission

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is a public university in Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona. It is divided into 13 faculties/schools and has 57 departments.

The institution is noted for providing high-quality instruction in a wide range of courses that satisfy societal demands and are tailored to the new European Knowledge Models.

The university’s courses provide students with invaluable practical experience, allowing them to be more prepared as they enter the workforce.

UAB is known around the world for its research excellence and innovation.

Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona

Universitat autònoma de Barcelona (in English: Autonomous University of Barcelona) is abbreviated as UAB.

The university provides 81 bachelor’s degrees in English, with concentrations in Business Management and Administration, Economics, Primary Education, and Tourism.

The university is welcoming to international students, as indicated by the large number of international students enrolled.

UAB encourages entrepreneurship, innovation, and employability. It aims to promote research and knowledge transfer in all fields.

It collaborates closely with the local commercial and industrial communities, as well as scientific institutions like the Alba Synchrotron Light Facility, which is only five minutes away.

The institution actively encourages and supports its students’ involvement and participation in volunteer and community service activities, and has been recognized for these efforts by a number of organizations.

It also runs efforts to raise awareness within the academic community.

What School is UAB

UAB is an acronym for Universitat autònoma de Barcelona (in English: Autonomous University of Barcelona)

The Autonomous University of Barcelona Admission.

Admission is offered to both domestic and international students. Students can apply online on the Autonomous University of Barcelona website.

Incoming students are required to take an entrance exam before they are offered admission.

Visit the Autonomous University of Barcelona Admission page for more information on application process

UAB Tuition

The University of Buffalo provides more than 150 accredited university master’s degrees in a variety of subjects.

The Master’s Degree program is designed to give students with a high-level, focused, multidisciplinary education that is geared toward professional specialization as well as research.

Physical Activity and Education, Law, Environmental Agrobiology, Political Analysis, Institutional Advisory, and Aquaculture are some of the university’s most popular master’s courses.

To apply for a master’s degree, go to the University’s master’s page.

Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona Masters

Both undergraduate and graduate programs at the Autonomous University of Barcelona have a flat tuition of $1,750. Both in-state and international students pay the same tuition.

UAB School of Engineering

A summer school at the Autonomous University of Barcelona offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of topics.

After the regular academic year has ended, the summer school takes place online from late June to mid-July.

The courses are generally taught in English and are three-week intensive programs with at least 40 contact hours.

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UAB Math Department

The university has a Mathematics Department, which is part of the UAB Faculty of Science.

The Department is responsible for teaching mathematics and statistics in centers, faculties, and schools at the UAB, in accordance with their requirements and the teaching programs in place.

It is responsible for organizing and developing doctoral and postgraduate programs and courses.

The Department offers three Bachelor’s Degrees:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Statistics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computational Mathematics and Data Analytics

The Department also offers a Ph.D. in Mathematics. The Ph.D. program aims to train researchers in basic mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics so that they can carry out quality research, which will enable them to join new groups with autonomy and even create new research groups.

UAB Sign In

Students can sign into the Autonomous University of Barcelona portal using their unique username and password.

UAB Medical School Ranking

The university has a Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences that offers a degree in medicine. The program is known for excellence and has continued to deliver the best medical professionals.

The medical program has a strong practical component, including rotations and clinical practice for primary care and specialized care.

Many medical centers and hospitals are affiliated to the Faculty allowing students to interact with professionals and patients.

The University Faculty of Medicine has always been among the leaders of all medical faculties in Spain and the only one among the top five faculties of medicine in the world.

Part of the program is taught in the English language. Visit the Autonomous University of Barcelona Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences to apply.

UAB School of Medicine Student Portal

Medical students can log into the UAB portal using their username and password. New students will have to apply for a new username and password.

UAB Medical School Tuition

the university has three semesters. A Bachelor’s degree in university costs about $3,000 per year. The Master’s program is more expensive.


The Autonomous University of Barcelona is well equipped with infrastructural facilities.

The campus has over 50,000 students and contains all the necessary services for the university community.

These include residence halls, libraries, language learning centers, sports facilities, gyms, pools, football pitch, healthcare centers, restaurants, stores, and cafés.

UAB Mailing Address

Autonomous University of Barcelona Address is located at CARRETERA BELLATERRA, S/N 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès, Espanya.

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