University of Alabama Scholarship Awards 2022 – 2023

University of Alabama Scholarship Awards & Grant 2022 – 2023 | How to Apply Now

University of Alabama Scholarships: The University of Alabama was a leading university of excellence in the nineteenth century.

It was founded in 1820 in the beautiful city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and became the state’s flagship university in 1831.

International students can apply using the form provided below. It is the oldest and largest public university in the state of Alabama.

The University of Alabama Scholarships Award are available to students who want to study at the prestigious school but are financially unable to do so.

The University of Alabama is commonly abbreviated as UA because it was one of the first public universities established on the United States’ southwestern border in the early nineteenth century.

The university offers courses in 13 different disciplines, including bachelor’s, master’s, education specialist, and doctorate degrees.

It is one of the most powerful research universities due to its strong research commitment.

In the 1830s, the school grew from a small, seven-building campus on the main drag between Tuscaloosa and Huntsville to a massive, 800-acre campus in the heart of Tuscaloosa.

At the University of Alabama, there are numerous opportunities for students to discover their passions, pursue their dreams, and become a transformative force in the world.

The University of Arizona offers over 70 undergraduate programs in 12 schools and colleges, as well as over 120 graduate programs, to help students reach their full potential and achieve their highest levels of achievement.

The University of Alabama Scholarships are available to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the university.

Distance Bama, the AU’s online courses, allow international students from all over the world to take classes and earn degrees on their own time, from anywhere in the world.

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Why Study at the University of Alabama?

There are a thousand reasons why you should study at the University of Alabama; Scholarships not only make it easier for you to get your prestigious college degree, but also a life experience for which you will be grateful.

The university is strictly committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service, the school makes a very important contribution to the development of atmosphere, cultural diversity, and traditions.

The skills of the students are mainly used in the field of work they have chosen. Further information can be found here on the university website

University of Alabama Scholarships Award Requirements

This session will provide you with the eligibility requirements for the University of Alabama scholarships.

The university is one of the schools in the US with regular, constantly reviewed, and very forward-looking scholarships every year.

Eligibility for these student scholarships includes:

  • SAT or ACT scores are college entrance exams in the United States.
  • Students with a score of 33 on the ACT exam or higher and 1,490 SAT or higher will receive a near-full scholarship
  • Engineering students who meet the above criteria and are eligible for a scholarship will receive an additional $ 2,500 per year.

What is the University of Alabama Scholarships Award application procedure?

The scholarship application procedure is based on the category the student falls under.

Academic scholarships are usually merit-based which requires that students earn certain grade point averages and/or scores on the PSAT, SAT, or ACT to qualify.

The following guideline will be a great help.

  • Visit the link and log in or sign up.
  • From a list of options, select the Admissions/Scholarships link from the main menu.
  • Click the Application for Scholarships link within the Scholarships section of the page.
  • When completing the scholarship application, you must click the Send Application to Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships button on the last page to be considered for Scholarships. By submitting, you will be considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible.
  • Entering freshmen admitted before January 15 will automatically have access to the scholarship application while entering transfer students admitted before March 1 will have automatic access to the scholarship application as well.
  • In event of doubt, question and difficulty, please send an email to

How do I get a full scholarship to the University of Alabama?

Truth be told, it is not usually easy getting a full scholarship for college but that is not to say that it is impossible.

However, for this to happen you need to work. One of the basic things you should know about getting a full scholarship is that you need to get nothing less than the required ACT score. Strive for even higher than the expectations of the scholarship board.

A 30 ACT or 1360 SAT and 3.5+ GPA for in-state, and 32 ACT or 1420 SAT and 3.5+ GPA for out-of-state and international, to receive full-tuition scholarships for in-state, and anything close to full-tuition scholarships for out-of-state and international students.

University of Alabama Merit Scholarships

It’s no surprise that the University of Alabama has merit scholarships because one of the University of Alabama’s roles is to maintain the culture of excellence in college graduation financially.

Here is a statistical analysis of how these universities of Alabama Merit Scholarships work:

  • Percentage of students with no financial need: 49%
  • Percentage of students with no financial need who were awarded merit scholarships: 53%
  • The average dollar amount of non-based merit scholarships: $16,240

So basically, being a student of Alabama qualifies you for a merit scholarship if you’re very bright regardless of whether you can afford the degree by yourself or not.

The following are a few merit scholarships available at the University of Alabama.

  1. President students who have earned 32 ACT or 1,420 SAT or higher and have a GPA of 3.5 are automatically eligible for $ 26,000 per year.
  2. UA Scholars with 30-31 ACT or 1360-1410 and 3.5 GPA will automatically qualify for $ 20,000 per year.
  3. Another Excellence Scholarship on the University of Alabama Scholarship List is the Dean’s Level of Excellence in Engineering. Students on Deserved Scholarship to Find their College Dream when they fall within the range of 27-29 ACT or 1280-1380 SAT scores. These students receive a $ 1,500 / year scholarship in addition to the academic scholarship.

University of Alabama Graduate Scholarships and Funding

A unique feature of the University of Alabama Scholarships is that there are many categories of scholarships to choose from for each student group.

As part of the University of Alabama Scholarships Award, the school offers nearly 100 graduate scholarships each year. A good number of graduate scholarships are as follows;

Graduate Studies Council Scholarships

#1. David A. Francko Scholarships.

This scholarship is available to the best applicants. It’s pretty competitive as it comes with a huge allowance of $ 25,000 / year for a maximum of five years.

The deadline for this scholarship is January 16 of each year. New and current AU students receive a $ 20,000 scholarship for the academic year in the fall and spring semesters.

#2. Capstone Scholarship

This scholarship includes a five-year grant for doctoral students. This University of Alabama scholarship is open to Graduate Council Scholarship applicants and McNair Graduate Scholarship applicants. It comprises five years of funding for doctoral students and two years of funding for master’s students.

For new students at the University of Alabama, the potential department can add up to $ 2,000 to the scholarship, which can be matched with the Graduate School’s fund totaling up to $ 24,000.

For doctoral students, the scholarship lasts two years, followed by at least two years of supervision by a faculty assistant or equivalent.

For students in master’s courses, the scholarship lasts for one year, followed by at least one year of supervision by a faculty assistant or equivalent.

#3. NAA License Tag Graduate Fellowship

The University of Alabama Scholarship awards nearly 23 National Alumni Association scholarships each year. This University of Alabama Scholarship requires applicants to be classified as residents for tuition fees. The National Alumni Association’s scholarship allowance is $ 20,000 for the fall and spring academic year.

#4. Conference and Research Funding

The graduate school provides additional funding for doctoral students to carry out their research projects and travel to present research results at conferences.

Different departments have the option of submitting any number of applications, provided that each application is at least 1: 1 with non-scientific funds.

University of Alabama Scholarships Award out-of-state

Performance-related scholarships for the first year for international students are awarded on the basis of an application for admission.

It is not necessary to apply for an additional scholarship.

  • Blazer Elite Scholarship with a grant value of $ 24,000 and a range of 30-36 ACT or 1360-1600 SAT with a minimum of 3.5 CGPA
  • Blazer Gold has a $ 15,000 wallet, a 26-29 ACT or 1230-1350 SAT, and a 3.5+ CGPA
  • The University of Alabama Out-of-state Blazer Pride Scholarship is rated at $ 10,000 and 24-25 ACT or 1160-1220 SAT with a CGPA of 3.5+.

 The University of Alabama Scholarships Award for International Students

#1. Academic elite scholarships

This scholarship is not only open to international students, international students can also receive the scholarship as domestic students.

Admission as a member of the University Fellows Experience (UFE) is a prerequisite for eligibility.

#2. Transfer scholarships

This is an annual scholarship that expires on March 1st of each year. There are also limited scholarships for transfer students.

#3. Presidential Scholarship

This scholarship is open to international students strictly based on performance.

The student is expected to have a GPA of 3.5 and above, a 32-36 ACT, or 1420-1600 SAT. The value of the scholarship is $ 26,000 per year.

#4. UA scholarship

Qualification includes an ACT 30-31 or 1360-1410 SAT score and a minimum GPA of 3.50+ and a scholarship value of $ 20,000.

This University of Alabama scholarship is one of many scholarships for international students.

#5. Foundation in Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship includes a 30-36 ACT or 1360-1600 SAT, a GPA of 3.00-3.49. The scholarship is valued at $ 15,000. This Foundation for Excellence Scholarships is open to international students.

University of Alabama Scholarships for current students

#1. Police Officer’s and Firefighters’ Survivors Educational Assistance Program (POFSEAP)

This scholarship includes tuition, books, and supplies. It is currently available to dependents and eligible spouses of the Alabama Police Department and firefighters killed on duty.

Out of residence only applies to students enrolled in an Alabama public school.

Because it is renewable, applicants must reapply to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.

#2. Birdsong Peanuts Scholarship

This $ 1,000 scholarship is valued at $ 1,000. You must also be a resident of Alabama, Florida, or Georgia, and eligible applicants must be Future Farmers of America members pursuing a degree in agriculture or agribusiness.

Must be a peanut grower too, or your family should be a peanut grower.

other University of Alabama Scholarships for current students includes:

  • Horatio Alger Alabama Fellowship Program
  • Alabama Student Aid Program
  • AL Board of Directors Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship from the AL Baptist Foundation
  • American Legion Aid Scholarship Program

University of Alabama Scholarships for transfer students

There are several University of Alabama scholarships open to transfer students.

These competitive scholarships are available to Alabama residents who are transitioning from a 2-year institution with more than 45 transferable credit hours after completing the fall semester prior to enrollment.

This scholarship offers tuition fees for two years, for a total of four semesters.

Alabama State Community Colleges are eligible to offer this scholarship to their students.

This University of Alabama Scholarship is valued at $ 2,000 per year and a $ 300 book grant for two years. It is open to transfer students.

#3. Roll Tide Transfer Scholarship

This scholarship is valued at $ 3,000 per year and is very open to transfer students.


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