Top 10 Lefties Scholarships and Grants for Left handed people

Did you know that there are scholarships specifically for left handed people? You might not aware that being a “southpaw” permits you to have certain school fees covered for you, but there are several scholarships just for lefties with only a few minor qualifications! Consider some important details about those left-handed scholarships, as well as … Read more

Coldest Place in the Universe, Galaxy & Earth (Boomerang Nebula)

The Coldest Place in the Universe, Galaxy & on Planet Earth (Boomerang Nebula) Intergalactic emptiness is only 2.725 K, or less than three Kelvin above absolute zero. The Boomerang Nebula, though, is even chillier. The Cosmic Microwave Background, a remnant of the intense Big Bang, bathes all of space in light that heats anything it … Read more